About Us

Do you love shopping for the best prices? Most consumers love auctions and the barter system. We all love the inherent challenge in shopping for the best  product prices.  Balloon Gator is based out of Michigan with the goal of making a name for ourselves in online stores. Our battle has thus far been an uphill battle with many losses due to experimentation in combining the best of multiple shopping experiences into one unique experience. After much trial and error, we have  figured out how to utilize internet marketing to bring high quality products to the wider world at an affordable price. Our experimentation began on small platforms like Facebook and Craigslist where we refined the way we market and attract the attention of serious shoppers. Eventually, we found ourselves with higher quality products,  great networks, and having to purchase warehouses to store all the great products we purchased. We have been expanding our marketplaces to include eBay, Amazon, and Shopify. Today we have the means of sharing our products with customers everywhere. We maintain several websites which provide the great customer service, money back guarantees, and easy access to customer support. Sincerely Yours, Balloon Gator